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Warrior Tribute 3: Claiming my "Woo" and Embracing Taking up Space

This past week I had a lot of “fears” come up -- of being too much, too intrusive, taking up too much room, and causing people to feel uncomfortable.

When I really dove in, underneath all of that…was the fear of rejection, and under that…the fear of losing everyone and everything I love.

These all came up when I was working on promoting my Full Moon Circle - the “Woo” side of myself. The side I would rather keep hidden because it feels “unsafe” to be seen in this way.

What is “Woo” anyway? ✨And why does it feel so “awkward/scary” to read and talk about, let alone CLAIM IT? 💫

Webster’s Dictionary defines Woo-woo as “unconventional beliefs regarded as having little or no scientific basis, especially those relating to spirituality, mysticism, or alternative medicine.”

Although, I do not agree with the “little or no scientific basis” (as there is more and more every day)…I do get the beliefs are “unconventional” and “hard” to comprehend.

In today’s society, that can feel dangerous. But why?

As I was contemplating this question, this quote popped into my head from a movie I recently watched, “Can you See Us?” on Netflix. It’s based on a true story about a little boy growing up with albinism in Zambia.

“What people do not understand, they fear. What people fear, they tend to destroy.”

The quote was used to help the little boy understand why he was the subject of so much bullying and hate.

Who wants to claim, be a part of, or even be “associated” with something people don’t understand, “fear” and want to destroy? We could be outcast, banished, shamed, bullied, hurt, or even worse…killed.

Even if it’s just being associated with a “like” on Facebook!! I claim it…I do it. Sometimes some things feel too “out there.” Even if I wholeheartedly believe in it, I will not “👍” it for fear of being “associated” with it and look “crazy” or “controversial.” It’s safer not to say anything at all.

Then why on earth would I want to step into Claiming My “Woo” and Taking Up Space?

What would be worth stepping into these fears, stepping into the “fire” per se, that would be worth it -- worth being “not safe.”

I had to tap back into my why:

“To change the world by creating bridges and safe spaces to dissolve misunderstandings and fears, by helping guide people through reconnection with themselves, others, and the natural world.”

That is what I am here to do.

And from THAT place…I have finally found the courage, with the help of my Warrior, to step forward, Claim My Woo, and Embrace Taking Up Space.

To me…”Woo” means My Innate Magic -- the ability to tap into the natural gifts I was born with, but may have forgotten and had to rediscover.

This work isn’t for the faint of heart.

If you are tired of hitting your head against the wall, the sameness, the emptiness, the nothingness, the feeling that there has got to be something more…

If you are a Brave Soul and ready to REMEMBER who YOU are…ready to stop living small, to ignite and shine YOUR light to make a difference in this world…

Ready to Break out of the shackles and chains that are holding you back from becoming the REAL you…

Then I am here to walk by your side and journey with you…

And help you claim your MAGIC!



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