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The "Wild Child" is off playing and connecting at the moment, so enrollment for this offering is temporarily on hold.

Please join the "Ready To Play When It's Time" list to be notified when it is time to reconnect again!

I'm excited to meet you!!


The Leap of Faith - going ALL IN!!

Just had it with your life? Had enough of playing small? Of hiding? 

Are you feeling there is more to life and ready to get out of your own way? 

Are you ready to break out of your shell and show the world your Wild Side?

Ready to pack your bags, say FUCK IT… go ALL IN?


The Deep Dive is my quintessential offering as it encompasses multiple healing modalities, including the practice of Shamanism all in one package.  We work on many different aspects of your healing on all levels which includes Clearing your heavy energies, Illuminating and calming your system, Discovering your inner map and your limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck, and Reconnecting to parts and pieces of yourself and places that you have forgotten about.  


You have committed to the journey, are ready for transformation,

and going to do it with a quantum leap in results!

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Through the healing work in this offering, you will experience:

  • A profound sense of knowing and loving your Wild Child.

  • Freedom from the constraints of your mind and society.

  • The courage to speak your truth.

  • Faith in your intuition and that of higher guidance.

  • Joy and balance with your renewed connection with nature.

  • The Magic of FLOW!

The Deep Dive Journey:

  • We will start with a Magic of FLOW VIP day (3 hours) where we will dive into the good, bad, and the ugly of your life. To transform we have to look at all the pieces, the light and the dark so we can come out on the other side. Coming out of this session, you will have a clear focus on the next steps on your journey into FLOW Magic. 

  • This is followed by bi-weekly 1.5-hour sessions to allow time for integration and soul work (homework deepening your understanding of the principles of FLOW) with full access to me via WhatsApp in between sessions for any questions or guidance.   

  • Upon completion of your Deep Dive: You will feel ALIVE, on PURPOSE, deeply CONNECTED, and filled with JOY!

  • Location: The Deep Dive is available virtually via Zoom

  • Program Duration: 12 weeks  

  • Investment in Loving YOU: $2222 (And you are worth so much more!)



How do I get started?

I only work with a few Brave Souls at a time to ensure they get the full extent of my compassion and focus. The first step of your Deep Dive adventure is to fill out this application. I respond to all applications within 1-2 business days. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. In the meantime, check out these testimonials to see what others have to say. 


How do I know this is right for me? This Deep Dive is FOR YOU if you are:

  • Tired of living your life the way you are living it and ready to find another way.

  • Ready to tap into your Wild Side.

  • Looking forward to an adventure.

  • 100% committed to making a big change.

  • Ready for huge transformation, even when it’s hard.

  • Inspired to take a leap of faith…and dive into the possibility of “magic!”

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The first step of your FLOW Magic Journey is to start with INNER FLOW!

Once you've experienced a taste of INNER FLOW, I invite you to partake in The DEEP DIVE with this healing session. 

If you've already experienced INNER FLOW, and are ready for more Magic, then please apply for the DEEP DIVE below.

Join the "Ready to Play When It's Time" list below for details of when this offering opens up again!

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