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Image by Jamie Street

The "Wild Child" is off playing and connecting at the moment, so enrollment for this offering is temporarily on hold.

Please join the "Want To Play When It's Time" list to be notified when it is time to reconnect again!

I'm excited to meet you!!


Rediscover Your Wild Child

The Beginning of Your FLOW Magic Journey


Are you starting to question yourself?  Feel like you are on a hamster wheel and keep doing the same thing over and over?  Like there is something more to life, but you can’t see it or reach it? Like you are hitting your head against a wall, over and over and over? Feel like there is something more inside you, but have no idea where to look or how to bring it out?

Get a glimpse at who is really in the driver’s seat, your “true self” or some version of you who has been wounded along the way and is working tirelessly to keep your true self buried deep inside.  Trying to hide you from the world because he/she feels it is not safe to show this beautiful version of “the Wild YOU” to the world. 


Inner FLOW is dedicated to honoring and discovering the Wild YOU - all parts of you

(mind, body and soul).


The healing work in this session, will enable you to:

  • Get back in touch with yourself, parts of yourself you may have not seen in a long time or even realized were there. 

  • Feel more in charge (or at least aware) of your inner world.

  • Get clear on what you need to focus on to move forward.


This 1 hour virtual session is dedicated to honoring and discovering you - All parts of you (mind, body and soul).


Beginning with a sacred ceremony and guided meditation, we will go on a journey inside yourself to rediscover parts that:

  • Have been hidden and need to be uncovered to illuminate your joy.

  • To understand the parts that have been in the driver's seat and holding you back.

  • To reconnect you to your Wildness, your innate wisdom and magic, and the wisdom of the Universe.

Investment in Loving YOU: $111 (And you are worth so much more)

Location: All sessions are held remotely via Zoom


As you continue this work, dive deeper, and connect more with your Wild Child,

your FLOW Magic will shine brighter and brighter. 

Join the "Want to Play When It's Time" List below for details of when this offering opens up again!

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