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Warrior Tribute 1: It's My Birthday and I can FLY if I Want Too

A lot has transpired in one year. It feels like a lifetime of lessons happening in 365 days. I can definitely say I not the same person I was at this time last year.

And I can thank two of the seeds I planted this year -- those of my Self-Lover and my Warrior.

My Self-Lover is in charge of making sure I am loving myself first, remembering how to say no, have fun, play, AND rest…which is very hard to do when you’ve put everyone and everything else first your entire life.

My Warrior is the one I have to depend on when I’m afraid to speak my truth, shine my light, shrink in fear of being judged, not knowing what will happen, and letting go of control.

Both have changed my life in ways I could have never imagined and enabled me to be in months of pure joy, ease, and flow.

They’ve also helped me withstand and navigate the months of some of the biggest challenges of my life, allowing me to let go of ideas and beliefs that were no longer serving me and come out transformed on the other side. It wasn’t easy, but I am still standing!

This week is in tribute to my WARRIOR!


As my first WARRIORT tribute:

To celebrate myself and my 49th year, I’m going to go PLAY on the Trapeze at FlyBoise!

To commemorate taking the LEAP OF FAITH:


FLOW Aquatics -- The almost 20 years of sureness, stability, and structure.


Rediscovering FLOW Magic -- Flying into the unknown, gathering up all my strength to follow my heart, lean into adventure, and let go of the “idea” of safety.




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