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A Weekend of Sacred Secret

HOLY WOW!! (Although F^*# seems more appropriate)   

I was blown away by how impactful the "Sacred Secret" training by ZivaMeditation was earlier this month. I'm still feeling the ripple effects!

I thought I was signing up for a Manifestation Retreat.  What I got was so much more. 

Not only did I walk away with powerful Manifesting tools, but with Emily’s gentle guidance using music, movement, and breathing, I was able to release not only my fears and deep sorrows that were in the way of allowing my dreams to come true…I was able to release generations of them.  

Probably the most profound was the ingrained shame of my body, of being a woman, and not being worthy of being a Divine being. 

Over the past decade, I’ve been introduced to the idea that we are all Divine Beings.  We are Divine at our Core.  

Society taught me that Divinity is outside of myself and something to strive for which made me feel disconnected, not good enough and worthy enough, as I felt I had to achieve such high standards to reach it.

It taught me that I should be ashamed of some of my natural human instincts, desires, and intuitions, that used to be celebrated back in the day before formal religion was formed, especially if they were not in alignment with what was “written.” 

This direct connection to the Divine was a concept I logically understood, but it wasn’t until THIS Retreat that I actually felt it, in every cell of my being -- That my body was truly a vessel that should be loved, caressed, and honored as it carries this Divine awe-inspiring beautiful, pleasure-seeking, abundant and joyful essence. 

I finally understood on a core level that my body should be CELEBRATED, not shamed. 

And when we combine this powerful love and acceptance of our own Divinity (in human form), with pleasure, joy, and ecstasy, we are powerful manifesters when we attach that energy to our dreams.  


I found Sacred Secret through the 15-day ZivaOnline Mediation course.  I signed up as I was intrigued not only by Emily’s teaching of the science behind Meditation, how she incorporated it with Mindfulness and Manifestation, but also how she made it “easy and doable” for the everyday busy person.  

I had been playing with meditation in many different forms for many years and it never really took hold. So the idea that it could be easy, something I could fit into my schedule, it didn’t have to be structured, stressful, or done in a particular way, with my mind “quiet” was fascinating and I wanted to learn more. 

I loved it so much, I became an affiliate, which I never do, as I wanted to share the magic of it with everyone. You can see what the Magic is all about in this Masterclass: 3 Secrets to Reduce Stress, Overcome Anxiety, and Improve Sleep in 15 Days (or Less)

Or if you take my word for it and want to get right to it, click here to take a 3-day Test Run of ZivaOnline or here for the full course: 15-day ZivaOnline Mediation course.

Let the MAGIG Unfold!! 


Where are you on your journey?

If you are brave enough to share, I would love to hear...please leave a comment below.

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