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Boycotting X-mas - The Simplicity of Earth-mas

With all the holiday hustle and bustle happening, my Wild Child has decided to break the rules and boycott Christmas for an easier, quieter more simple Earth-mas.  

None of the extravagant decorations and lights, no tree, just a couple of simple greens and berries to bring the outdoors in, courtesy of the Earth…and Trader Joe's.  😉

None of the gift-getting and wrapping, none of the crazy meal-prepping, and goodie baking.  

My Wild Child simply wants to relax and enjoy every moment…every simple, quiet, connected moment.

She wants to take walks by the river, enjoy the ducks ice skating on the pond, watch in anticipation of seeing a bald eagle land in a tree, and spend quality time with her children and husband. 

Prep a breakfast casserole the night before, so everyone can sleep in, and make a quick and easy soup for dinner.  

A simple fire ceremony in the evening to celebrate and be grateful for those around us, those who came before us, and those who will come after.  To thank Pachamama (Mother Earth) for all her beauties and the Universe (or Great Source) for the wisdom it imparts to us.

Silent…celebration - just beautiful and wild.


Where are you on your journey?

If you are brave enough to share, I would love to hear...please leave a comment below.

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