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What is FLOW?


FLOW is a representation of a way of being in this world.

A part of embarking on your FLOW Magic Journey is also taking on the responsibility of this way of being…of representing FLOW.

What is FLOW?

FLOW stands for Fundamentals of Learning to be One with the World

FLOW represents a different way of being in this world -- for some, its way of being is outside of the “mold” of normal society.

This road is not for everyone…because it’s the “higher” road…it’s hard.

It makes people look inside and see if they have the fortitude to walk the walk and talk the talk.

It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being open to looking at yourself and the things around you with new eyes.

It’s about messing up, getting angry, frustrated, scared AND being open to learning and growing from it.

Although it’s hard, the journey’s bounties are endless and through this journey, MAGIC happens!

Becoming FLOW is about the journey of exploring connections and balance:

  • With nature

  • With people and communities

  • With ourselves - mind, body and spirit.

It’s about creating something more than ourselves for the betterment of everyone -- connections and balance of everything.

What makes us FLOW?

The Road Map on your FLOW journey

When embarking on your journey towards the Magic of FLOW, every decision you make and dream you have, big or small, is made with these principles in mind. These have become the road map of the FLOW way of life, the ever-evolving journey to ensure we stay on track with who we are and who we want to be.


Extend kindness to everyone - regardless of their beliefs or actions


Nurture belonging and the freedom to be ourselves

Illuminate JOY

Embrace the value in each moment


Always present for lessons in expanding understanding and knowledge of the ways of ourselves and the world/nature/universe.


Imagine and dream through connection and magic.

IF you have not done the FLOW Magic Activation, please sign up for my newsletter to receive it! I recommend you set up some time to gift yourself this healing. It takes about 25 minutes and it gives you a deeper understanding of the principles of FLOW and awakens the DNA codes in your body to remember how to do this.



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