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Tap Into Harmony with the Magic of the Moon

I had been one of those people who never took the time to look UP at the colors and textures of the sky… even more rarely looked at the moon. I was too busy getting everything else done…taking care of everyone. No time to look up. To stop. To reflect.

Now as a recovering workaholic and people pleaser, I have allowed myself the time to slow down and go outside, even if it’s for 5 minutes.

I practice moving slower, with more intention, and noticing what is around me with all 5 senses -- see it, hear it, touch it, smell it, taste it. (Ok…I’m still working on the “tasting thing.”)

Prior warning…it gets addictive and frequently turns into MUCH longer.

In fact, I’m that “weird” person on the Greenbelt walking in bare feet that everyone is passing! 😂

So what does this have to do with the moon and magic?

Part of this process of slowing down for me was reconnecting with nature and its natural cycles. I never spent time outside…I was always connected to what was on the inside…especially what was in my head. I had to “figure” everything out.

Through my classes at Kairos Healers Academy this year, I’ve experienced the power of tapping into the “energy” of nature’s cycles.

One of these natural cycles is the moon phases.

I’ve learned that engaging in self-reflection through questions and rituals during the various lunar cycles provides an opportunity to establish a deeper and more loving connection with myself.

(Side Note: Before I go on, I just wanted to touch on the word “rituals” as that can be a trigger word for people. It was for me. I’ve found that a ritual is nothing more than creating something of meaning -- taking an external experience and translating it into something that can have an “internal” meaning and “remembrance” for you. Nothing more.)

It allows a touch of rediscovery and reconnection with nature.

To use moon magic to its fullest, you take advantage of the energy of its phase.

While a new moon represents a fresh start, providing the opportunity to set goals and bring your intentions to fruition…

The full moon signifies the culmination of energy that has been building from the time of the new moon until its fullness. In essence, the full moon serves as a moment of release.

It’s kind of like New Year's Resolutions “on steroids,” but better as you get to do it monthly and they are deep and targeted. Not just the, “I am going to lose 10 pounds,” “make more money,” “be more fulfilled,” or “find a relationship.”

If you do them right, these intentions get underneath all that, to the core of what is keeping you from attaining those things.

And the magic is even more powerful if you can share in the process and claim these intentions while being witnessed by friends.

Come join us and share in the magic of the moon! All Brave Ones welcome!

For all current and future Moon Circle Registrations please see:

The next event is Virtual via Zoom:

New Moon Circle - Tapping into Harmony

THIS Saturday, 14 Oct

6pm - 7:30pm MT

For this New Moon, we are going to be exploring where we are out of harmony with ourselves and our relationships. From that place, we will set intentions for a New Beginning.

Hope to see you there!!

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