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Think of me as your FLOW Journey Guide...

Updated: May 2, 2023

Think of me as your Journey Guide – as a Weaver of Stories & Creatrix of FLOW Magic

F L O W: Fundamentals of Learning to be One with the World

Wisdom from my heart to yours...

I guide you in navigating

your inner and outer journey

to rediscover your FLOW Magic.

I guide you in filtering out all the “noise” in your life,

familiarize you with all the “players” involved,

and ultimately reveal who you really are…

…who you were born to be.

I teach you how to tune into yourself and discover

who actually is in the driver's seat…

Your True Self or “all those voices” inside your head.

(Do you know who’s in the driver’s seat? Read on…)

You do this by learning to tap into your body,

into your feelings (that you may have shut off long ago),

and rediscovering and building a relationship with your

True Self, your light, your Inner child.

Step by step, you will learn to navigate all the noise in your head,

the judgments, anger, fear, jealousy, and criticisms of both yourself and others.

By identifying those voices as your survival patterns (or wounded self)

you are able to discern your false beliefs and where they came from,

heal them, and discover the gifts of them that

enable you to become who you truly should be.

You will learn to tune into our own intuition for answers

versus always looking outside yourself or staying stuck in your head.

You will develop a new roles for these survival patterns

who are able to listen to all your parts,

(inner child, wounded self and guidance),

and intuit the action necessary to move forward.

Through this journey

you will be able to break through barriers,

discover who you really are,

and experience a feeling of peace and freedom

you didn’t know was possible.

My part as a guide in this process is to

walk with you on your journey of discovering these parts of yourself

as well as showing you how to slow down

and reconnect to the cycles of nature.

To help you explore and stay curious,

while creating a loving, compassionate and safe space.

Allowing you to express your whole self with no judgments

and see your light even when it may be hard to see it on your own.

I will gently guide you in exploring the wounded side of yourself,

help you stay in tune with your inner child and what you are truly feeling.

I’ll hold the space for your intuition to help you find your answers.

Help you trust yourself to hear all your parts

and take the loving action needed.

So you can show your light to the world.

So you can have a voice.

So you are no longer afraid to be who you were meant to be!

To truly rediscover and live in your FLOW MAGIC!



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