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My sacred mission is to work with Brave Souls and Wild Ones like YOU.

To build bridges and create safe spaces that dissolve misunderstandings and fear

To change the world through self-discovery, reconnection with others, and the natural world. 

Are you ready to thrive in the Magic of FLOW?

Start your Journey with INNER FLOW!

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Do you have a yearning for something more?  To bring a little wildness into your life?  To color outside of the lines?  

Embark on this journey through the depths, to rediscover you, your wildness, and your innate magic. 

What's NEW around here...

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A Wild Child’s Social Experiment - STRIP DOWN AND “BE”

My theme for 2024 is Rediscovering My Wild Child - The Journey Back Home.


This means stripping off all my identities, roles, and responsibilities, so I’m left with doing and being nothing…naked…just the real, raw me.  


Who is that?  I’m still rediscovering.  Will you join me for the journey?

Join us for our

Circles of Connection

The Journey Back Home

Come and witness the liberation and freedom that arises when you join others, open your heart, rediscover and honor your wild essence, and tap into your greatness.

Visit our EventBrite to sign up!

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Shannon Coach

Hello wild one, my name is 


Think of me as A Fellow Wild Child, holding your hand on your Journey Back Home - your journey back to yourself. 

After almost 20 years as the owner of FLOW Aquatics Swim School, although I still love teaching children how to swim and "Be One with the Water," I'm now being called to help people "Be One with the World. " To help them heal old wounds. Let go of limiting beliefs. And in turn, enable them to re-discover the Magic of FLOW. 

The FLOW Magic Journey

The first step in rediscovering the Magic of FLOW is to

begin with Inner FLOW!


Once you've experienced Inner FLOW, I invite you to continue journey with a Deep Dive.

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Experience ALL of the FLOW Magic in one package


What Clients Say


"Shannon holds a grounded and sacred space in her session where I felt safe and seen. She took me into the folds of the other world to fully embody my expansion in a way that was supported by mama gaia. It was a tender and magical place for me to be able to let go, and receive the support being offered to me through the drum beat of the earth. I have been able to access this space again and again to allow for deeper embodiment of my truths as they surface through this work. "


- Melanie Dawn. - New Denver, Canada  |  INNER FLOW

Download to Activate your FLOW Magic

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The FLOW Magic activation: 

  • Opens up your ability to see your light, the light in others and the light in the world.  

  • Reawakens the connection with mother earth and the inner knowing that you are safe, loved, and whole, no matter where you are in your life

  • Brings forth the remembrance of who you really are, why you are here

  • Reignites your own internal power to overcome fears which keep you from being the “true” you. 

  • Brings forth the courage to walk your walk and talk your talk and feel safe as you do it. 

  • Opens and expands your mind to not only understanding yourself, but others, the earth, and the universe as well.  To see the connections in all things.

  • Reawakens your ability to connect to something larger than yourself and realize that you are not alone, you do not have to do it by yourself. You have infinite resources at your fingertips if you stay open to connecting to them.

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