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Deeper exploration into your Inner World


Do you feel like you have constant chaos going on in your head? Your brain never turns off?  Always trying to figure something out?  10 voices talking at once making you feel paralyzed to make a decision?  Do you have a nagging feeling, you are not really in the driver’s seat of your life? 


Discover sessions help you make sense of the chaos in your head. By understanding all the different players, you are empowered to put the correct driver back in the seat giving you a clearer path to navigate the best decisions for your life.

Image by Deniz Altindas


Through the healing work in this offering, you will: 

  • Become clear on your survival patterns and how they have played a role in your decisions your entire life, many times to your detriment. 

  • Rediscover the feeling center in your body, your inner child, who you may not have listened to in years or even know he/she/they were there. 

  • Learn to trust your feelings and what your body is telling you to help you make the right decisions for yourself.

  • Gain confidence in listening to your own inner wisdom and guidance to get answers, without having to go “into your head” or outside yourself to “figure” it out. 

  • Ultimately learn to LOVE and TRUST yourself FIRST!


In-person or Remote (1 hr) - $111


Similar to The Spark, beginning with a sacred ceremony and guided meditation, we will go on a journey inside yourself (this is just a deeper dive): 

  • to rediscover parts that have been hidden and need to be uncovered to illuminate your joy, 

  • to understand the parts which have been in the driver's seat and holding you back,

  • to reconnect you to your own personal and higher power, and your magic!!

  • Remote sessions are held via Zoom

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The first step of your FLOW Magic Journey is to start with THE SPARK!

Once you've experienced THE SPARK, I invite you to DISCOVER with this healing session. 

If you've already experienced THE SPARK, and would like to book the DISCOVER session, please contact me.

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