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Exploring your Outer World and Connecting with Spirit Animals


Are you feeling disconnected? Out of sync and rhythm? Out in the cosmos? Are you feeling unsafe and unloved?  Are you yearning for some silence, stillness, peace or balance? 


Reconnect sessions bring you back into connection with the natural world and Mama Gaia (Mother Earth). You will also get to connect with and get a message from your Spirit Animals. 

Image by Jesse Schoff


What is a spirit animal guide?

Ancient teachings in Shamanism reveal that not only do humans and animals exist in the physical world, they exist in the spirit world as well. Spirit animal guides can also be referred to as spirit animals, power animals or totem animals.  Throughout your lifetime you may have many spirit animals, who come into your life, as you need their messages and medicine for protection, guidance, balance, lessons and/or wisdom.  They may come to you in dreams, meditations, crossing paths in the physical world or as pets.


Through the healing work in this offering, you will: 

  • Reawaken your own natural rhythm and balance.

  • Get messages from your spirit animals to get clarity on your life direction.

  • Rediscover nature with all your senses and experience more joy, balance and stillness in your life.


In-person or Remote (1 hr) - $111


Sessions will take place in nature (weather pending). 

  • After a sacred ceremony and guided meditation, we will go on a walking adventure in the great outdoors to explore, be close to, and in connection with nature. 

  • You will use all of your senses to experience the beauty of nature. 

  • While on the walk, at a place of your choosing, we will sit and go on a journey to connect with your spirit animals and receive any messages they may have for you.


Remote sessions are held via Zoom.  

  • We will still go on a walking adventure in the great outdoors, however, you can choose if you would like to walk with me where you are at or stay stationary.  I highly recommend the walk outside. 

Image by Hans van Tol
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The first step of your FLOW Magic Journey is to start with THE SPARK!

Once you've experienced THE SPARK, I invite you to RECONNECT with this healing session. 

If you've already experienced THE SPARK, and would like to book the RECONNECT session, please contact me.

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