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Updated: Feb 7

Dear Brave One, 


I had fully intended to send out my first newsletter right after I officially launched my website.  “Life” had a different idea and decided I had to go on more rides and learn more lessons before it was time to show myself in this “new light” to the world. 


It had to throw me around a little bit, so I could get more clarity on my transition from one business to another. To understand that I needed to let go, retreat, be still, listen, and BE. Nothing more.

These last couple of months have taught me that I have no control…That as much as I want things to be “tied up with a pretty little bow,” sometimes that is just not how it has to happen.  More life needs to happen first and it may be messy.


I had to release any expectations and really trust in the process of the Universe.  I had to get comfortable with uncertainty, not knowing how things are going to turn out, lean into the fear, sit with it, feel it, be curious about it, get comfortable with it, and eventually let it go AND trust.


From that place, I can see with clarity, without the noise “in my head.”


Although I am no master at it…I am learning, the fear is dissipating, the comfort is growing and I am able to move forward. 

From this place, I have come to realize there is a need for safe spaces where people can connect in a way that has been forgotten. A community where:


  • We can reconnect to ourselves, each other, and the earth and be supported every step of the way. 

  • We can truly be seen, be heard and feel like a part of a bigger whole…bringing humanity back together. 

  • Reawaken parts of ourselves and connections we have forgotten. 

It's when we start working together that the real healing takes place. - David Hume


Needing your input...

I am feeling called to create a virtual group of people who would like to be a part of such a community.


Over 6 weekly Zoom calls, you would explore where you are stuck, where you are "empty," and where there is never-ending "sameness." In a safe place, without judgment. By acknowledging these places and speaking your voice, you can find a path through them and start moving forward. You can breathe. You can break free, experience joy, and be who you were meant to be... and know you are being supported every step of the way.

I would love to know your thoughts on:

  1. Would being a part of a connecting with others in a group like this be of interest to you?  

  2. If not, what is keeping you from joining a group such as this?

  • The idea of talking about such things "out loud" in a group of people you don't know.

  • The weekly commitment

  • The content

  • The unknown is overwhelming - have no idea what this would entail and look like

  1. Would you be interested in doing an "Intro" group call, to get a feel for and an idea of what it's all about?


For a little taste of FLOW Magic...

For those of you who did not get it the first time around, did not have a chance to listen to it or want to listen to it again: 

The FLOW Magic activation: 

  • Opens up your ability to see your light, the light in others and the light in the world.  

  • Reawakens the connection with mother earth and the inner knowing that you are safe, loved, and whole, no matter where you are in your life

  • Brings forth the remembrance of who you really are, why you are here

  • Reignites your own internal power to overcome fears which keep you from being the “true” you. 

  • Brings forth the courage to walk your walk and talk your talk and feel safe as you do it. 

  • Opens and expands your mind to not only understand yourself, but others, the earth, and the universe as well.  To see the connections in all things.

  • Reawakens your ability to connect to something larger than yourself and realize that you are not alone, you do not have to do it by yourself. You have infinite resources at your fingertips if you stay open to connecting to them.  

Some preparation notes prior to activation:

You want to have a dedicated time and space with no distractions while doing this activation.  It will take about 25 minutes. (Driving a car would not be recommended.)


Once you have your space selected, make it comfortable, cozy, sacred.  This is your special time, honor yourself.


What do you love? Light a candle, bring in some flowers, your favorite plant, special oils that you like the smell of, special tokens, rocks, crystals.  Your favorite blanket and slippers. 


Anything that you love and want to be a part of this special ritual to honor you as you take this step into your initiation of FLOW. 


When you have everything collected and ready, feel into your body and choose whether it feels better to sit or lay down.  You can change positions at any time.  Just listen to your body.  There is no “right” answer in your mind. Only your body knows. 


During the activation you may end up falling asleep, going into an altered state and not remembering a thing of what was said.  It’s OK!!  That is what your body needs.  Your unconscious mind will get what it needs from the activation. It still worked. And if you want to go back to it, so you “logically” can understand it, you have the recording and can revisit it at any time. 


Speaking of revisiting, any time you are feeling stressed or anxious, indecisive, fearful, you can return to this activation. 


We have many layers of past events and interactions that have caused hurt, pain and suffering.  As we heal another layer is peeled back. It takes time and effort to heal…it is a journey.  


As much as we would like a “magic pill” to make it all go away, (this activation is close), it still takes personal/internal work --- it is a journey. It can be challenging at times AND can also be magical along the way!!!  If you stay open and allow it to be! 




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