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with Aura Healing & Chakra Clearing with Fire

Feel like there is a fog around you?  Like there is something you are not seeing clearly, keeping you from really being yourself? From functioning at 100%? Something holding you back -- fear, anxiety, self-worth? 


Clear sessions use shamanic techniques, passed down from the ancients for generations, to clear out stagnant energy held in your body.



What is an Aura?

An aura is an unseen spiritual energy field that surrounds all things, living and non-living. Each person has their own unique aura which puts off different colors which some attribute to the different chakras in the body. Most people cannot “physically see” auras. However, they can be felt, such as when you feel really happy and comfortable around someone, like a warm hug, or conversely, if you feel negative energy from someone and just want to get away.

What is an Aura Healing? 

Aura healing is getting up close and personal with your aura, getting to discover what it looks like and feels like, and clearing any energy that keeps it from shining its brightest and you using its power to the fullest.

What is a Chakra? 

Chakras are energy centers located centrally in the body along the spine. They are created when you have a nerve bundle together with an endocrine gland. The ancients in India saw these in the energy field as wheels of light, which is what chakra means - a wheel. 


What is a Chakra Clearing?  

The ancient people of India, Tibet and the Americas discovered that chakras hold the entire history of your life and even former lifetimes. They hold all the stories of your joy, fear, trauma, sorrow, regrets, judgments, low self-worth and all the energy that goes with them. 

A chakra clearing is clearing all this information stored over your lifetime(s) so that your hormones and nervous system are no longer being informed by this energy. You get an upgrade in the quality of information and in doing so you upgrade the quality of health in your body.

Through the healing work in this session, you will begin:

  • Regain more focus

  • Begin to see a way forward, a clearer path

  • Have the courage to take action


Remote Session (1 hour - $111)

  • Your Session starts with a centering and grounding ritual followed by the Aura Healing and Chakra clearing by Fire. 

  • Sessions can be held via phone call or Zoom. 

  • During the session, you can choose to sit or lay down in a comfortable, quiet place as the healing takes place.

Image by Lavi Perchik
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The first step of your FLOW Magic Journey is to start with THE SPARK!

Once you've experienced THE SPARK, I invite you to CLEAR with this healing session. 

If you've already experienced THE SPARK, and would like to book the CLEAR session, please contact me.

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