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Releasing pent-up energy - WRT Water Release Therapy®


Do you feel stressed or anxious? Are you overwhelmed or feeling out of control?

Is your body tight or hurting? Do you just need to let go?

Feel free, unrestrained, unrestricted? 


Release sessions take place in a pool of water heated to body temperature, with a WRT Water Release Therapy® provider, allowing you to trust, let go and surrender to a uniquely magical healing experience.

Image by Yoann Boyer


What is WRT Water Release Therapy®?

WRT Water Release Therapy®  is an Aquatic Art, developed by Diane Finegold, with origins from the Stillness Base of Watsu®, the joyful bliss of WaterDance, Deep Presence, Breath work and Yoga. It is designed for a deep somatic release of trauma, old patterns and holding stored in the body and mind. WRT Water Release Therapy® is about experiencing the magic of healing integration above and below the surface of the water.


Through the healing work in this offering, you will experience: 

  • A deep and often profound sense of relaxation

  • More freedom of movement in your body

  • Stillness of the mind

  • Self-acceptance


In-person 2hrs ($333)


  • Two hours of loving and honoring yourself. 

  • We will start with a sacred ceremony dedicated to honoring you - all of you, mind, body, and soul. 

  • Before entering the water, we will explore what you intend or need to release, by tuning into your body and where specifically that is being held in your body. 

  • From here, we will enter the water for a magical healing with a 1 hr and 15 min WRT Water Release Therapy® session.

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The first step of your FLOW Magic Journey is to start with THE SPARK!

Once you've experienced THE SPARK, I invite you to RELEASE with this healing session. 

If you've already experienced THE SPARK, and would like to book the RELEASE session, please contact me.

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